Come September, your hair will thank you.

By Patricia Shannon
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Kerastase Bain Après Soleil Shampoo
Credit: Walmart

Fairy-tale mermaids are doing girls everywhere a major disservice. There is no way that hair should or could ever look that amazing after spending a lifetime in the sun and salt water. It's impossible. While (much to the chagrin of our inner seven-year-old) we'll never have Ariel-level hair, haircare brand Kérastase might just be making those pipe dreams a little more accessible thanks to their new Bain Après Soleil Shampoo.

The thirst-quenching shampoo is part of a line of haircare staples designed to restore softness, soothe, and nourish. The Soleil collection includes Crème UV Sublime Hair Cream, Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist, and Masque Après Soleil Hair Mask. Both the oil mist and hair cream are for use prior to sun exposure while the mask and shampoo will get your strands back on track post sea and sun. The entire collection is designed to work in tandem, but it's the shampoo that really gets our vote if you're looking for a one-and-done.

Bain Après Soleil Shampoo is formulated with coconut water, camellia oil, and vitamin E to cleanse post-sun hair, removing residue left from salt, sand, and chlorine while improving shine and providing sun protection for future exposure. It's a hefty order, but Kérastase delivers. As for the scent—the most important part, truly—it's somewhere on the spectrum between perfectly clean and beachy. It's not going to overwhelm you with the scent of coconut, but don't be surprised if you're suddenly ready for the season's warmer temps and slightly more laidback lifestyle once you start lathering up.

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Most of us take great care in protecting our skin from the sun's rays, but we might not be able to say the same about our hair. Luckily, a simple shampoo swap can help you give your locks a little extra TLC. Smooth and shiny hair all season long? Yes, please.