Since a tiara always looks better with beautiful tresses.

By Maddy Zollo
August 01, 2017
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Credit: Getty Images / Danny Martindale

At the tender age of two, Princess Charlotte is blissfully unaware that her mother, Kate Middleton, has one of the most enviable manes in the world. In her mind, it's simply a bunch of pretty brown hair to pull and chew on. Little does she know that as she grows up, she'll be learning how to establish a healthy hair routine from a beauty icon. So what strand secrets will the littlest royal copy from her mama? We're guessing a few of these go-to grooming practices that the Duchess swears by will be in the mix. After all, they are fit for a (future) queen.

Lesson 1: Know The Power Of A Good Blowout

Middleton is a woman after our Southern hearts: She understands that a quality blowout is the cornerstone of every good hair day. She began going to hair stylist, Richard Ward, while she was in college for his "Chelsea Blow Dry" (a style that gives hair perfectly bouncy body). Want to copy this signature do? Ward suggests investing in a salon-quality blow-dryer with a nozzle. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this video.

Lesson 2: Treat Your Hair With TLC

It's impossible to get an expensive-looking mane with damage-riddled stands, so being gentle is key. Ward always uses a brush called the Tangle Angel. Besides for being anti-bacterial, anti-static and heat-resistant, it's designed to delicately detangle wet or dry hair. Ward also advises to use a weekly deep conditioning treatment to boost hair's health.

Lesson 3: Always Shampoo

While beachy styles may be in right now, Middleton prefers to keep her locks sleek and shiny by shampooing with Kerastase's Bain Oleo Relax Shampoo. "Generally fine hair might need washing every day, while thicker hair like Kate's should be washed every other day," Ward explained to the Daily Mail. "This look is all about being polished and your hair will not shine and gleam on day three."

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Lesson 4: Book Regular Trims

Middleton indulges in regular haircuts to ensure her style stays fresh. If you wait more than twelve weeks between trims, your hairdresser will have to restyle your shape each visit. This also goes for bangs. The best way to mirror her fringe is with a chic, side swept style. It's low maintenance and easy to grow out.

Lesson 5: Cultivate A Signature Style

While we doubt the motto, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, is used at Kensington Palace, it's a sentiment that holds true to the Duchess's approach to hair. For over ten years, she's used Ward as her stylist and embraced the same blowout style—clearly, she knows what works for her. Even when she recently chopped her strands into a stylish lob, the essence of her hair stayed the same: Classic, polished, and absolutely royal.