But we've been swearing by it for years.

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She's beauty, she's grace, and she never has a hair out of place—even if she's in heels chasing around a toddler or two. Princess Charlotte might be melting down on the tarmac (remember that?) but Kate still manages to charm the masses, all the while making it ever so clear those little royals are her top priority. Now, Southern mamas might not have the staff, budget, or access to private air travel for that matter but, just like our favorite duchess, we prefer to look polished and that starts from the head down. It's no secret we've taken quite a few style cues from Kate lately, but there's one trick we're pretty sure she got from us. Enter, the updo hairnet, because Southerners and royals have better things to worry about than stray strands.

We're sure you aren't surprised to hear a $6 (for a pack of 10) buy is the hero behind those pristine styles with nary the finest hair daring to go rogue. We've been using this incognito trick to combat heat, humidity, and sudden gale-force winds for generations. And, contrary to what some might think, the variety we're talking about is nothing like those cafeteria hairnets. Okay, maybe they are, but our technique (we're counting Kate in that "our") delivers quite a different result.

Rule number one, and perhaps the only rule anyone needs to know before giving the hairnet a go, is that it's not to be used over the entire head unless your work environment mandates. As Kate expertly demonstrates, the power in a hairnet comes with a perfect hair color match and camouflaging the edges under a barrette, fascinator, or a few expertly pinned cover-up strands.

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A hairnet is the secret to perfectly polished updos, twists, and chignons, but it's certainly not for everyone. Not all Southern ladies want their hair to look just so (we love a good messy bun too!), but those who do will be a fan of this royally smart trick.