And you can do it at home

Kate Middleton Hair Color
Credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Hairstylists across the pond and stateside alike know precisely what's being requested when a client comes in looking for "The Kate." Those glossy curls, face-framing highlights, and rich color have become a herald of classic style. They're not every woman's signature, but the look has certainly become highly coveted among those who favor opaque tights, ladylike coats, and the occasional riding boot. If you're of this camp, listen up, because we tapped Chelsea Smith, master colorist for Madison Reed, to help us uncover the formula for royally good hair—at home.

It all starts with the color and that doesn't necessarily mean running to the nearest salon. "You can accomplish anything within two levels lighter or darker than your natural hair when coloring from home," Smith says. For anything more drastic, or if you already have color-treated hair that's darker than Kate's, Smith advises booking an appointment with a professional instead of giving it a go at home. Once you've reached the desired color with professional help, you can transition to at-home maintenance.

If you're within two levels of the Duchess' color, you're just one color kit away from her chestnut-brown shade. Smith says to pair Madison Reed's Lucca Light Brown 7NGV kit with their Miele Gloss. The color will do just what you expect, but the gloss is the real clincher. It'll give hair the sheen of Kate's with the honey-hued dimension that expertly warms her strands. It's the difference between matte color and something that really draws out your facial features.

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So, now that you've got the color, let's talk style. Don't worry—Smith gave us the formula for that too. She says to start with your style priming products applied to damp hair. First, blowout using a large round brush then follow up with a one-inch curling iron—being sure to curl away from the face. Finish with a smoothing product to tame flyaways and frizz. Gently brushing out the curls is Smith's final step, but one that defines the soft, bouncy look that our favorite Duchess (and now, the rest of us) never leave home without.