This simple faux-pas causes frizz.

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It seems that curly hair faces obstacles around every corner. Walk out into Southern humidity? Poof. Try to get a haircut from someone who can't cut curls? Triangle head. Sleep on wet hair, use a towel, fuss with your hair too much, or expose yourself to any elements? Frizz. Frizz. Frizz. So, any time we can garner insight into how to tame our frazzled strands or define our curls– we're in!

Sara Mills, a curly hair specialist in Birmingham, Alabama, was trained specially by Ouidad – a haircare company known for their curly hair solutions. So, when it comes to washing, cutting, and styling crazy curls, she knows what she's doing.

One of her tips for us? Never (ever!) style wet, curly hair with dry hands. As a gal who tries to tackle her curls with dry hands both post-shower and next-morning, this was news for me.

Turns out, using dry hands on wet hair causes friction, which increases frizz. The solution for this problem? Whenever you're touching wet hair, you should have product on your hands. For your gel casts, your rake-and-shakes, your scrunching – use a leave-in conditioner or gel on your hands to minimize that friction. If you've already slathered all of the product in your hair that you were planning to use, simply wet your hands before touching your curls.

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Friction aside, it's a great rule of thumb to keep hands off your hair while it's drying; this is the reason that many products recommend use on sopping-wet hair. Too much scrunching or messing with wet hair can alter your curl's natural drying pattern, and oils from your hands are being transferred onto your strands every time you touch. So, once you've finished adding your favorite curl gel or styling cream – hands off!