The hair-tie trick every Southern gal needs to know.

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Red Hair in Ponytail
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Fake it till you make it. That's our motto in most matters, but particularly those involving our strands. Higher, thicker, wavier—we want it all (except for frizz, we'll check that at the door). So, when we find an easy trick for faking one of our mane must-haves, we are unapologetically on board. If you haven't already, it's time to meet the hair-tie trick.

Ladies, grab your hair ties and let's say goodbye to lackluster ponytails. The secret to your fullest, most vivacious ponytail ever isn't pricey extensions (though, technically, they would work too). No, we're talking upping your hair ties from one to two for the bounciest pony on the block.

Simply secure your ponytail as you typically do, with a single hair tie. Once you've achieved the ideal placement, follow up by wrapping your hair with another hair tie, just behind the first. So, it basically extends your ponytail hair tie with one more. Placement is key: Simply wrapping your ponytail again won't do a thing. It's the act of extending the ponytail another inch beyond your scalp that really gives your pony the boost and a little extra lift—oomph, if you will.

Want even more volume? We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for faking a fuller ponytail.

Grab Your Teasing Brush

This one likely comes as no surprise. Go ahead and tease both your crown and the base of your ponytail. Use a bristle brush to smooth the top over to keep things sleek and smooth.

Try a Texturizing Spray

Fluff up those strands with a texturizing spray—this works especially well on beachy waves or natural curls. No texturizing spray? Give your pony a couple blasts with your favorite dry shampoo, tousle, and finish with a spritz of medium-hold hairspray.

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What's your best trick for faking fuller hair? Spill your secrets with us.