Send thin strands packing.

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While some of us were #blessed with lush locks from the day Mama brought us into the world, the rest of us are constantly trying to figure out how to plump up our thin strands. Luckily, it is possible to achieve gorgeous, Texas-level volume at-home, so save that trip to the salon for a special occasion. The solution for faux fullness is easier than you think. Here are three ways to achieve believable body.

1. Condition Before Shampooing

We've all been told at some point in our lives that conditioner can seriously weigh down hair, which is why it's typically reserved for just the ends. TreSemme's Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo ($4.99 each, solves this issue by completely reversing your entire hair wash routine. As the name suggests, the pre-wash conditioner is designed to be used before you shampoo. Apply it all over scalp and strands to hydrate and smooth. The special formula also infuses your mane with plumping fibers that won't wash out. Follow with shampoo. By the time you're out of the shower, hair will look thicker while still feeling totally weightless.

2. Blow-Dry Correctly

Before reaching for your dryer, work a thickening mousse through damp hair. A lightweight formula like TIGI's Bed Head Big Head Volume Boosting Foam ($23, creates fullness from root to tip. "When you begin to blow-dry, pick up hair from the root and blast sections with heat to give strands added volume & direction," explains stylist Philip Downing, TIGI UK Creative and Education Director. "Then work a round brush throughout the hair, again focusing on lifting from the root for volume." For even more body, make sure to dry strands in the opposite direction of their hair growth pattern.

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3. Embrace Powder

A body-building powder like Batiste's XXL Plumping Powder ($8.99, is your secret weapon. Unlike sprays, it's slightly easier to control and won't feel heavy. Sprinkle it on roots, all over, or scrunch it onto the ends of a ponytail to thicken up its appearance. If hair is extra thin or there's a little too much skin peeking through strands for your liking, fill in the bare spots with a powdered eye shadow that matches your hair color (seriously!). It's a simple way to mask baldness or a thinning part line because it instantly creates more dimension.