If You Want Thicker-Looking Hair, Try These 3 Body-Boosting Tricks for Thin Hair

Thin strands don't stand a chance.

The quest for thicker-looking, volumized strands is not an easy one. It's often a personal journey of many twists and turns, all for the sake of convincing thin strands to plump up a bit and show themselves. Luckily, you can feign thicker-looking hair using products and techniques that help you achieve extra definition and body at home. Start with a flattering haircut for thin hair, and then follow these three easy fullness-boosting tips to tweak your routine without completely overhauling it.

Thin Hair Tips
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#1 Switch Up Your Shower Game

We're talking about using your conditioner before the shampoo. Yep, before. It's called reverse hair-washing, and it can be helpful for hair that is flat, dry, frizzy, or damaged. Conditioner can seriously weigh down hair, especially if you use too much or focus it on the roots. You can still get the benefits of the ingredients by simply turning your routine backwards and starting with conditioner first. Shampoo can strip your scalp of natural oils, so the conditioner helps apply a barrier beforehand. Those with extra dry or curly hair sometimes choose to use a small amount of conditioner again after shampooing. This is called double conditioning. Those with thin hair should focus the conditioner on the ends, always.

#2 Blow-Dry For Your Hair Type

Before reaching for your hair dryer, consider working a thickening mousse or volume spray through damp hair. A lightweight formula like Living Proof Full Root Lift creates fullness from root to tip. "When you begin to blow-dry, pick up hair from the root and blast sections with heat to give strands added volume & direction," explains stylist Philip Downing, TIGI UK Creative and Education Director. "Then work a round brush throughout the hair, again focusing on lifting from the root for volume." For even more body, dry strands in the opposite direction of their hair growth pattern.

#3 Start Using Powders

A body-building powder like Kristin Ess' New Working Texture Loose Styling Powder is your secret weapon. Unlike sprays, it's slightly easier to control, won't feel heavy, and holds very well. (And it's only $10!) Sprinkle it on roots, all over, or scrunch it onto the ends of a ponytail to thicken up its appearance. For when your mane needs a little refresh, apply Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder Dry Shampoo Powder to cleanse and pump up your roots without any water. If hair is extra thin in certain areas or there's a little too much skin peeking through near the temples or other spots for your liking, hair stylists and makeup artists alike swear by filling in the bare spots with a powdered eye shadow that matches your hair color. Seriously! It's a simple way to mask baldness or a thinning part line.

With these three easy tweaks, you'll be set up for major success. Thick hair for all!

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