And it won't cost you a thing.

By Patricia Shannon

Who doesn't want hair like a shampoo commercial? We're talking waist-long strands that, by all appearances, are pure silk from root to tip while packing enough strength to dock a ship at harbor. Those perfectly maned models might have a team of professionals behind each lock and tendrel, but that doesn't mean a girl can't dream. And that's just what we did until a little birdie (aka Carolyn Aronson, hairstylist and founder of It's a 10 Haircare) flew through our window and granted us one of our best-ever hair tips.

Before we let you down, no, this won't make all your small screen hair fantasies come true, but we can say you'll be one step closer to the likes of Jennifer Aniston, circa 1996. Win, agreed.

The secret is very similar to the blow-drying trick of locking in your style with a cool blast. This time, it involves sealing your hair cuticle by rinsing hair with cool water. If chilly temps sounds like torture, rest-assured Aronson isn't suggesting you douse yourself in frigid water. The keyword here is cool, not cold.

"A very cold rinse may actually restrict the capillaries in the skin, and slow the blood flow, which is not great for the hair," she warns.

The warm-blooded among us will also be happy to hear that the cool rinse benefits can be achieved in as few as 5 seconds. Fair warning though, you might want to skip the Missisippis when you count it out tomorrow morning.