Shine bright like a diamond.

Saints & Sinners Illuminati Divine Shine Holographic Serum
Credit: Saints & Sinners

There's nothing better than silky, shiny hair. Am I right, Kate Middleton? It always looks polished, elegant and super healthy. Unfortunately, most women aren't born with naturally luminous locks nor do they have a royal glam squad at their beck and call. It leaves us common folk to turn to products to see if we can fake it till we make it, which is why we love the recently launched Saints & Sinner Illuminati Divine Shine Holographic Serum. It is so good, we'd like to think we'd have landed a prince if Meghan Markle hadn't beat us to it.

So what makes this shine serum so special? It's the first haircare product that has holographic properties in it. Although I'll be honest, when I first heard the word "holographic" paired with "hair," I had serious Star Wars meets unicorn vibes about it, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. But, in the hopes of potential great hair day, I decided to give it go. The bottle itself is a pearly white, but it's what is inside that is really something else: It's legitimately an iridescent, shimmery serum. The easiest way to imagine what it looks like is if you melted your highlighter stick down to liquid form.

I applied two dime size amounts throughout my damp hair and then combed it through with my favorite brush to make sure every strand was coated. The formula is a fusion between a traditional hair serum and botanical oils like Prickly Pear, Agave, Jojoba, Olive and coconut. I was expecting my mane to immediately appear more glowy after I applied it, but this wasn't the case—yet. It did, however, have the most delicious fruity scent.

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As I began blow-drying, I immediately started looking for a hint of holographic shine. For full-disclosure, my highlighted blonde hair had gone months (and I mean months) since my last color appointment, so I was desperate to see a little more luster. I continued to dry my hair section by section, but it wasn't until I brushed it out at the end that I saw seriously "woah"-worthy pieces of hair. My hair looked sleeker than usual, and I had a luminosity radiating from my entire head like a halo. It's hard to explain, but it was like entire stands were completely illuminated, amplifying my colors vibrancy. Needless to say, I'm now fully on-board with "holographic" hair and my shine-levels might just give the Duchess of Cambridge a run for her money. Plus, if I can't get a tiara in real life, this will do just fine.