A Curly Hair Specialist Showed Us The Best Way To Cut Curly Hair

No more bad haircuts!

If you're a gal with curly hair, you know the struggle of walking out of the salon with a triangle-shaped haircut. Although some stylists know how to trim curly hair (and, these are usually stylists with curly hair themselves), others try to trim it just as they would straight hair, cutting so that both sides are equal. Unfortunately, curls don't work that way. As the majority of women have curls or wavy texture in their hair, we decided to go to someone who specializes in curly hair to bust some myths: Sara Mills of Southern Curly Girl.

Stacked Bob

"The thing that a lot of stylists make a mistake [on] with curly hair, [is that] they'll stretch the hair when they're cutting it...and then by the time that hair draws up, it's two inches shorter than the customer really wants," says Sara.

Since curls are different on everyone, the stylist has to pay attention to curl type and hairline as she or he is cutting. "Your hair line is just distinctive to you. And that actually is kinda like your foundation." At the nape of the neck, the stylist shouldn't cut straight across – because side pieces could end up being much shorter than the other curls. Follow along for more of Sara's great tips, and arm yourself with information the next time you're going in for a chop.

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