This Is How Much You Should Tip At A Hair Salon

The proper way to say thank you for your new 'do.

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Down South a good hair stylist is essential. Who else is there to ensure your color stays fresh, your cut is on-trend, and your blowout keeps its volume all day long? Not to mention, a trusted hairdresser can be your sounding board when you need advice or simply want to talk after a particularly stressful week (and let's be serious, is there any better way to unwind than getting your scalp massaged during a salon shampoo?). However, when it comes to rewarding a stylist for their services, there always seems to be a question about the exact tipping protocol, so we're here to set the record straight once and for all.

According to Kendall McElveen, owner of Kendall + Kendall Hair Color Studio, the proper tip is always twenty percent of your service fee. "Make sure to tip both stylists if you're in for more than one service," advises McElveen. This means if one person does your color and another performs a cut and blow-dry, they both deserve twenty percent on top of their regular fees. As for the assistants and hair-washers, three to five dollars is suitable.

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But what do you do if you have a less than stellar salon experience? Whatever you do, don't keep your dissatisfaction to yourself. "For clients that are unhappy, they should communicate their concern while they are in the chair," says McElveen. "Adjustments should be made the same day! You stylist should always be communicating with you and aware of your satisfaction." The bottom line: Be honest and engage in open dialogue. Not only will this guarantee your own hair happiness, but it will also leave your stylist satisfied with a job well done.

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