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Curling Iron Deal
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Anyone who thinks that every curling iron looks the same and, therefore, acts the same clearly has more obedient hair than most of us. Oh, your hair just holds a curl? Like, for longer than five minutes? Must be nice! 

The search for a curling iron that would work on my heavy, thick hair started in high school, and I’d run through no less than five different models, both cheap and pricey, by the time I was out of college. None would ever fashion a curl that stayed in place, and some would even fall out before my eyes, mere seconds after releasing from the heat. I swore to give up the fight until something special came along—and that's when, eventually, I started noticing one particular curling iron on every trip to the hair salon. The same one would pop up in interviews I'd scour with celebrity hair stylists and industry gurus. My interest was piqued.

Almost every time someone asks a hair stylist what their go-to curling iron is, they answer Hot Tools. Specifically, the Hot Tools 1.25” 24k Gold Curling Iron. When I found out it was only $49.99, I pounced. What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic. (Or shopaholic.)

For years now, I’ve been happy with my trusty Hot Tools curling iron. It gives me the perfect curls that don't fall out all day or night—as in, I get as many compliments the next day after sleeping on them. It also features a 24k gold styling surface that helps to conduct heat evenly and heats up in about one minute flat. However, the real secret lies in the barrel size. Almost every hair stylist will tell you that 1.25 inches is the perfect size for a curling iron barrel. It’s not only versatile for when you want full, bouncy curls, but also for when you’re going for something more relaxed and naturally mussed. I use it both with the clamp and without (like a wand) to achieve super long-lasting results. (Just remember: Always curl away from the face, ladies!)

And right now, you can snag it for only $24.99—that’s 50% off the usual price—as part of Ulta’s Black Friday and Cyber Week deals. (The deal runs through this week only, while supplies last.) You can also snag the same exact deal for a limited time on Amazon

So if you’ve been as unlucky at finding your curling iron soulmate as I was, or if you’re merely looking to update your current one, consider this cult-fave pick on a budget. Before it sells out!

Hot Tools 1.25” 24k Gold Curling Iron
Credit: Amazon

Hot Tools 1.25” 24k Gold Curling Iron

If you prefer to stay true to a barrel size smaller or larger than 1.25 inches, you can shop the same deal for all barrel sizes on both sites. 

SHOP THE DEAL: $24.99; ulta.com; amazon.com