Shoppers Are Giving Up Curling Irons For Good Thanks to This Viral Heatless Hair Curling Kit

“I haven’t put heat on my hair in six months.”

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Heatless Hair

Having a good hair day can be an elusive whale to catch, particularly when you're not inclined to spend an hour painstakingly curling every strand just to go run errands or have a FaceTime girls' night at home. As our fathers would say, "Where you going? The prom?" Dads have a way of humbling us real quick.

This is perhaps why heatless styling became all the rage throughout 2020, and the trend isn't stopping as we head deeper into 2021. Borne out of a desire to look less like we rolled out of bed and more like we actually have somewhere to go, heatless styling is about using as little effort as possible to look presentable—and without damaging our hair with hot tools. And while you can never go wrong with braiding your hair before bed (especially when it's still damp), there are nifty little gadgets that shoppers are using to feign fresh-from-the-salon curls and bounce without a single hot styling tool. The best part? They're usually used at night while you're sleeping, which is about as lazy-girl friendly as it gets.

One of the most popular heatless styling hacks right now is the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit—according to Instagram and TikTok, where it has gone quite viral—and the results have been making us rethink our curling iron altogether. The only problem? The kits keep selling out. Again and again. (Don't worry, we're also linking similar dupes below.)

The product basically looks like a silk foam rod that you wrap your hair around, adding piece by piece, while it's damp. A few hours later, you have big, bouncy curls that rival anything a professional stylist can do—and that certainly beats our at-home approach. (However, it's important to note that the curling ribbon might affect all hair textures and lengths differently.)

Troves of shoppers are raving about this heatless curling ribbon system online—like, seriously raving. "In case anyone was wondering, I haven't put heat on my hair in six months thanks to curling ribbon!" one user says on Instagram. Healthy hair is great and all, but have you seen those curls?

So if you're looking to get the best curls of your life without even a smidge of heat damage, now's the time. Disclaimer: While sold out currently, the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kits come back in stock regularly, so make sure to keep checking back. In the meantime, shop these other viral hair-curling products below.

Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

Heatless Curling Ribbon
Heatless Hair

If you can get your hands on one, these kits come complete with a 100% silk soft rod that helps to eliminate frizz and breakage, as well as two silk scrunchies, a hair clip, and an instructional card that teaches how to use it.

Shop It: $38;

Hot Tools Spongy Rod Rollers

Rod Rollers

Another favorite heat-free curling hack, these rod rollers are soft and flexible to fashion creaseless curls overnight. No pins or clips required.

Shop It: $14.99;

Annie Satin Pillow Rollers

Pillow Rollers

Perhaps the most comfortable heatless stylers, this pillow rollers are super versatile, whether you want root-to-tip beach curls or effortless waves from midway down.

Shop It: $9.99;

Hot Tools Velcro Self-Holding Rollers

Velcro Rollers

You'll likely recognize these longtime-favorite curlers that don't require any clips. Simply roll hair up and away from face and let the velcro do the rest. These are great for those who want to apply on almost-dry hair while getting ready and blast with the cool setting on the hair dryer.

Shop It: $10.99;

Diane Cold Wave Rods

Cold Wave Curlers

Particularly ideal for those with natural or coily textures, cold wave curling rods hold hair firmer into the spiral form for a stronger hold throughout the day.

Shop It: $3;

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