For one, it's cute as a button

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Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light
Credit: Dermstore

The Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 might be the most photogenic hair tool on the market. It's short and stout with a mint paint job that satisfies the decade-long itch we've had for a pale green stand mixer. Beyond appearances, the Harry Josh dryer has stacked up award after award in addition to claiming as fans some of the best tresses on big screens, small screens, and runways. Now, the mane mastermind is releasing a brand new version that's lighter, quieter, and dries hair even faster. The only catch is the price tag—and it's a big one.

Clocking in at $350, the Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light isn't for the faint of heart. We were able to give it a spin before it's on-sale date later this month in order to find out whether it's worth the investment.

Let's get right to it: If you have the means to make a $350 investment in a hair tool then, yes, it's worth every penny. If, like most of us, you fall into the category of someone who can't responsibly hand over a few hundred in order to make every day your best-ever hair day, we're here for you. That's why we're going to help you convince your stylist to buy one with these five reasons why she'll love it. Hey, at least you can benefit from this minty beauty every 6 to 8 weeks.

It's Fast

It truly did cut dry time down substantially—and we were already pleased with how quickly we were able to get our strands dried and styled each morning. It's almost as if the minute the dryer is pointed at hair it magically turns to blown-out perfection. She'll have clients in and out of her chair in record time.

It's Light

The Ultra Light weighs less than a pound. While we're sure her toned arms are benefiting from the bulk of her current tool, she might enjoy lightening up.

It's Quiet

We wouldn't say you can barely hear it, but it does have a softer sound than many other high-powered blow-dryers.

It Does the Job of Two Tools

We'll admit we're suckers for our straightening iron. We use it to curl our hair, give it body, and smooth away any frizz. Harry Josh's new tool has completely eliminated the need for our flatiron. It smooths, adds body, and blows away any frizz in record time. With all we put our hair through it's nice to finally find something that takes away the need for one more damaging process.

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It Transforms for Standard and Pro Use

You know the hairstylist hair dryer hold, wherein they grip the nozzle rather than the handle? The Ultra Light comes with an extended air concentrator nozzle that the pros love in addition to a standard air concentrator that's ideal for personal use. What's more, both attachments are made with Cool Air Flex technology, which means hands won't feel the heat if they're gripping the nozzle.