This charming hairstyle is stylish for a wedding, playful for a tailgate, and elegant for your holiday parties. Our friend Hannah Holsomback, known on Instagram as @bighairedhannah, brought along her hairspray and advice to show us how to make this easy ’do. The Birmingham, Alabama-based stylist starts this hairstyle by giving her hair a coat of hairspray, which all Southern women know how to do. Next, she curls her hair with a curling iron, but no worries Mama—your trusty hot rollers will do the trick. Curl in layers so that your waves are even around the head. After Hannah's hair is curled all over, it’s time for the braid. Hannah hairsprays the braid as she goes to hold it (Dolly would be proud) and loosens the strands to give a more relaxed look. Pin the braid back, and you’re ready to go! (After one last spray, of course.) This cute braid is easy enough to style on busy mornings but looks put-together enough for an event, too.

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