Refresh your stash of this Southern staple. 
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Verb Hair Spray
Credit: @scoutsbarbershop

Whether there's a shortage of Duke's Mayo at the Piggly Wiggly or you're stuck in traffic because of an alligator in the road, the list of #SouthernProblems is infinite and proof to our Northern neighbors that we do indeed pay a cost for all this sunshine.

One of the longest standing #SouthernProblems may be the effect of our high humidity levels on our hair. Whether it falls flat, goes frizzy, or curves in all the wrong places, it is a scourge upon nearly all of us. While our grandmothers fixed this with cans on cans on cans of White Rain, we've found some other hair sprays that get the job done without so many CFLs or harsh chemicals. These are the sprays you'll find in our editors' bathrooms at home.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray: For anyone who dwells in the Southern junglescapes of New Orleans, Savannah, Houston or Miami, this is the spray that keeps oppressive humidity at bay. The price tag might be a bit much to stomach, but it's a staple of our staffers when we don't have time to deal with horned bangs, frizzy flyaways, and curls going limp.

Verb Strong Hairspray: True to it's Texas-roots, this Austin-based company's spray delivers big on volume while also imparting frizz fighting oils in a mess-free format. Use it to keep loose braids locked in or a top-knot looking top-knotch.

IGK Intern Flexible Hair Spray: While this line may sport some pretty silly names, we couldn't deny the power of their Trust Fund volumizing mousse, nor this hair spray that leaves hair feeling surprisingly moisturized while still keeping any previous styling measures in check.

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray: Our staffers may not watch much of the Kardashians, but we are fans of their hair stylist Jen Atkins and her line of product that includes this spray. Since it adds texture, volume, and intentional messiness, it leaves your tresses in a much more forgiving state--particularly good for days when you need to retreat to move forward in your fight against humidity.

Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hair Spray: Dove's dry shampoo is one of our favorite budget-friendly hair secrets, and so is their extra hold spray, which keeps even the most ornery of cowlicks from emerging.