By Melissa Locker
80s School Picture with Scrunchie
Credit: Beau Lark/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images

Coco Chanel once said that, "Fashion changes, but style endures." Apparently scrunchies are considered "style," because their appeal is enduring.

The fabric-covered hair ties that were so trendy in the ‘90s are back and not just in sorority houses or gym locker rooms, either. According to WWD, the go-to look for '90s teens is popping up on runways and fashionable Instagram feeds thanks to high-end designers like Mansur Gavriel and French fashion house Balenciaga. They've even been spotted on fashionable stars like model Bella Hadid, actress Selena Gomez, rock icon Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez—and they look pretty good, too.

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Scrunchies are getting a modern update, though. Scrunchies have a bit of a bad reputation, ever since Carrie Bradshaw called them out in Sex and the City telling her boyfriend that "No woman … would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!" So for their return, they are getting a new name—hair clouds. According to PopSugar, the new name comes courtesy of designer Line Sander Johansen, who makes a luxe version of the product out of recycled Hermès scarves, which she describes as "silk clouds around the hair." Hence, the new name. While new names are fine, when Reese Witherspoon asks her friend about her "lucky scrunchie" in Legally Blonde, it just wouldn't sound the same as a "lucky hair cloud."

Luckily the new scrunchies aren't just getting a name change, but also a new look. While they still have the soft easy on your hair feel, they are now made with fabrics like leather, metallics, and faux fur and decorated with sequins, pearls, flowers, and ribbons.

Scrunchies —er, hair clouds— aren't just for looks, though. As anyone who lived through the trend the first time knows, they are easy to use, gentle on your hair, and never pull. According to New York City-based hairstylist Neil Grupp who spoke to TODAY Style, scrunchies are better for your hair than elastic, which can snag hair and break strands, which is especially likely for anyone with fine or bleach-treated locks. That usefulness, combined with their new name and updated looks means scrunchies are one style that will most likely endure forever, just like Coco Chanel predicted.