Four tips to get every millimeter out of your pricey blonde streaks.
Woman with Light Blonde Hair
Credit: knape/Getty Images

It never fails, your highlights are looking great one day and then the next day you notice a tsunami of dark, gray dotted hair coming from your crown. Where did that come from so quickly? You dial up your hair girl only to realize that she can't fit you in for two to three weeks. Panic-stricken, you debate canceling all plans until you get the magical, ego-boosting blonde put back in your hair. There's no need to cancel your plans if you know these tricks to extend your highlights two to three weeks past the recommended 8-10 week highlight touch up.

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Switch Your Part

Hairdressers carefully place your highlights along the part in your hair down the center of your head. While this does showcase the brightness of your highlights when you first get them, it's also the first place to show how far out your highlights have grown. When it's almost time for new highlights, try parting your hair on the other side of your head. This camouflages the telltale line between the dark new growth hair and the lighter out growing hair.

Wash Your Hair More

Greasy hair is darker in color. While we are all about skipping a full wash and dry in favor of dry shampoo, now is not the time. You need to keep your hair as clean as possible so that it will look as light as possible. Preventative measure: after you wash, style it with dry shampoo as a preemptive grease absorber.

Temporary Root Touch Ups

There are some miraculous new hair products that you can dispense right into your hair that will cover your grays and browns in an instant and last until your next shampoo. We recommend this spray or this powder.

Use Two Colors to Highlight

Another key to extending the life of your highlights is to request using two different lightening colors: one darker and one lighter. Not only do these two colors give your hair extra dimension, but it helps the growing out process to look less obvious.