For your prettiest ponytail yet.
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In case anyone hasn't noticed, when Southern women do something, they want to do it all the way. They're not interested in doing a single thing halfway. So just like our favorite homemade meal—Mississippi pot roast, biscuits, and all—feels extra fun when dressed up on the fine china, sometimes even our everyday ponytail has us wanting to master the finishing touches. Flyaways, frizz, and baby hair are part of life; but whenever we're feeling extra motivated, a sleeker look with smoothed-out strands can make an old hairstyle feel brand-new.

Depending on our mood, we're either throwing up a messy bun just to make it through the day (not abnormal during the busy week) or getting struck with the desire to look a little more put-together, whether for errands or date night—and a sassy high ponytail or classic low chignon can look downright professionally done when every strand is combed and smooth.

For any cute little frizzies, you can go two different directions. Firstly, you can go old-school and buy a children's toothbrush and a bottle of hairspray to spray onto said toothbrush, painstakingly brushing any piece of unwanted flyaway hair and repeating until satisfied. This method takes a decent amount of time, drowns you in hairspray fumes, and doesn't necessarily stay all night. No, thanks? Same. 

Alternatively, you can get the hair finishing stick that over 4,000 Amazon shoppers swear by. Ding, ding, ding. Option two! The product appears like a tube of mascara, but is actually filled with a plant-based formula that feels similar to a hair gel. However instead of the sticky, rigid finish that hair gel leaves behind, it aims to feign a neat base that doesn't look stiff or suspiciously shiny. Simply take out the wand, already coated in product, and sweep up unwanted flyaways for a perfectly smooth look. 

Amazon Hair Finishing Stick
Credit: Amazon

The stick would come in handy particularly when attempting an updo of any sort for a special occasion and wanting to look like you went to the salon; but if split ends or frizz are a daily concern, it can help tame those strands whenever you want, without any hassle. Plus, the product is clear, in order to try to blend more naturally into most hair colors.

So if you're looking to up your at-home hair game, this cheap hair finishing stick is a must. (TO SHOP: $8;

As far as we're concerned, a classic ponytail never goes out of style, especially when donning second-day hair. Now you can really fool them.