I Don't Care What Anyone Says Is Trending, I'm Never Giving Up My Hair Curlers

Trends come and go, but my hot rollers are forever.

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Woman Wearing Hot Rollers

Hair trends to Southern women are like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, they're nice to watch pass by from afar. Preferably in the comfort of our home, while noshing on snacks and gossiping with Aunt Judy about who may or may not have been spotted at the grocery store with a new set of bangs (you know what they say about new bangs). We'll let the masses brave the cold and crowds, knowing the best view is the one we don't look back on and cringe.

Whether you use hot rollers, Velcro rollers, or Spoolies, curlers of any kind are peak Southern lady, with a variety to suit just about every hair type and texture. Some are meant for coaxing a little wave out of even the straightest of strands. Others are for packing the volume, bringing her crown a bit closer to perfection (and heaven, as she'll remind you). While others are the solution for heat-free natural hair styling. Hair curlers are just as varied as the personalities you'll find down here, and we know full well it takes all kinds to serve up good hair day in and day out.

One thing is for sure though, don't mistake our love of a hair tool that's been around since before Memaw's time as proof that we're always a day late to the trends. No, we see them. We might even take one up for a night on the town here and there, but we'll always come back to our curlers because we know the importance of loyalty, especially to something that has served us so well.

The duo below has been heroic in achieving my mane goals. If you, like me, have fine (but thick), wavy hair that holds a curl nicely, you might find a new strand mate with these friends. Take a gander, get inspired, and let this serve as a little reminder that you should never think twice about staying true to what works.

Velcro Curlers

Conair SelfGrip Rollers

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As with any curlers, there are countless ways to use them, with your hair type and intended look the determining factors. As for me, when I'm looking for super voluminous, soft curls, I know it's a job for Velcro rollers. First I'll curl my hair using my curling wand. Then I'll set each curl with a Velcro roller, spray them down with hair spray, and let them sit until I'm ready to head out the door. Once I remove the rollers, it's a quick comb-through with a smoothing brush, then a drop of hair oil for shine, and another spritz of hairspray.

T3 - Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE

T3 Hot Rollers

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I've found no other hot rollers that have quite as much impact without leaving behind those pesky clip creases and/or slipping. Their one fault? There aren't enough of them to make it through all of my hair. Test them out and, once you determine they have staying power in your routine, go ahead and buy extra rollers if needed.

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