If your complexion seems a bit off lately, you might want to give this little trick a try. 

By Patricia Shannon
September 06, 2019
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Bring on the serums, creams, and oils—we're all about turning back the clock on aging, or at least hitting pause. As much as we scour the skincare shelves, we're aware that there is more to the antiaging game than all those elixirs we're slathering on day and night. Keeping our look youthful can come down to our lip color, nail polish, and, perhaps most noticeably, our hair color.

Applying monotone color is one of the biggest mistakes we can make as we age. More than ever, it's all about dimension. While one-and-done, all-over color can be appealing both for the wallet and the time you'll need to spend in the chair, it can have a harsh effect. Instead, opt for both highs and lows or try a color that gradually gets darker from front to back, with complexion-brightening strands framing the face.

Our complexion can also take a hit during the maturing process. That youthful glow we once knew might start to lose its luster. In turn, it's time to get our strands to start pulling their weight. Softer face-framing color will bring a renewed radiance to the face. Amazingly, it can even work to smooth over the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—or at least make them a bit more camouflaged.

While we're on the topic of antiaging, another key in putting your most youthful strands forward is to restore their shine and luster. Cutting down on the heat tools, understanding the importance and role of scalp health, and limiting the number of professional coloring and styling processes we put our hair through can go a long way. To really boost your strands though, it's best to get on the hair antiaging bandwagon. Yep, in addition to our face, neck, and body creams, let's go ahead and add an antioxidant-rich hair regimen to our plan of attack.

We love the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging line. From shampoo to conditioners, serum, and mousse, there are plenty of ways to restore nutrients to your hair and turn back the clock on your crowning glory.