That's not how Mama raised us. Here, we explain.
Women talking in salon
Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Since we were kids, we've been watching how our mothers and grandmothers approach their beauty routines. We noticed when Mama refused to go on a grocery run without a swipe of her signature pink Mary Kay lipstick. Many of us were not strangers to waiting in the salon as kids flipping through magazines and scribbling in coloring books while our grandmothers had their hair "set," like they did every Tuesday afternoon at 3pm. And when our Mama's finally started letting us get highlights, the first rule was never to let them grow out more than three-quarters of an inch. And if you couldn't maintain them, then why did you get them in the first place? In short, a regular root touch-up has never been optional. So when the grown-out trend came along, it's no surprise that many of us just weren't into it. The look, that's widely popular, feels so counter-intuitive to everything we were taught about taking care of ourselves. Even if we like the way it looks—and speaking for myself, I do!—we'll just never be able to embrace it. Our moms and grandmothers just won't ever get it, and is it really worth insulting the way they raised us?

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