What Is Hair Botox?

This trendy hair treatment is leaving women with silky locks.

From keratin treatments to scalp treatments, to hair glossing treatments and more, the amount of various pampering appointments you can book for your hair is truly endless. Hair botox is a new, trending treatment that's making its way across salons nationwide, and for good reason—it's a serious rejuvenation treatment for a lackluster mane. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about hair botox.

So, what exactly is hair botox?

There are two types of "hair botox" on the market—one is a treatment for your hair strands, and the other, often referred to as "blotox," is done in a dermatologist's office and happens when a botulinum toxin is injected into various sections in the scalp to decrease the amount of sweat that the scalp produces, which in turn decreases the frequency with which you'll need to wash your hair. Since "hair botox" is more often referred to as the treatment done on your actual hair strands, we'll be referring to the first treatment throughout this article.

When you think of botox, you think of smooth skin—hair botox delivers a similar experience by filling in the hair cuticle's damaged sections creating a smooth surface. "Having the cuticles restored helps achieve that healthy shine that reflects light effortlessly, giving the hair a healthier, younger appearance," explains Holly Dear, a hairstylist and founder of House of Dear Haircare and Dear Clark Salon in Dallas, Texas.

How does hair botox work?

According to Dear, hair botox hasn't been named correctly, since it doesn't actually contain botulinum toxin and it doesn't relax the hair. "A hair botox treatment acts as a filler, and if I was to liken it to a face treatment, it honestly should be called Juvederm for the hair," explains Dear. "The treatment infuses the hair with intense hydrations while replacing/filling in the lost cuticle layers, creating a protective barrier, coating the hair shaft in essence, gluing the cuticle layers down, and temporarily filling-in/replacing lost cuticles." Basically, a hair botox treatment works at restoring the hair to its youthful beauty.

How much does a hair botox treatment cost?

The cost of a hair botox treatment could range anywhere from $150-300, depending on hair length, texture, and where you live. "With this type of service, you want an expert performing the treatment," explains Dear. "Challenges like over applying proteins or misusing heat for sealing the treatment can cause the hair to become brittle and negate the treatment's benefits."

How is it different from keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout?

Think of hair botox treatments like an intensive hair mask: the experience is more luxurious, like you have put your hair through a spa service versus a chemical treatment. "A botox hair treatment will not change the hair's texture per se, but will help control frizz due to the cuticle support," says Dear. "It is a brilliant service that I think anyone with longer hair past their shoulders should experience once a year."

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