WATCH: There's An Entire Instagram Account Dedicated To Going Gray Naturally

And it is so inspiring

What if, instead of cringing over every stray gray and sign of silver roots, we started to embrace it instead? That seems to be the message behind Grombre, an Instagram account dedicated to "a radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair." The page has 37,000 followers and more than 900 posts, the majority of which are real women sharing their journey to gray. The result? A collection of confidence boosting, you're-worth-it affirming social media moments that result in those all-around happy feelings you get when you see a band of women supporting each other. Who knew hair could do so much?

Woman with Long Gray Hair

As we mentioned, these photos aren't a curation of hair models with links back to their modeling agencies and hairstylists. Instead, they're real women who want to share their journeys. Some users strictly want to mention what going gray means to them, while others want to share stories of when they first started going gray. Regardless of objective, the common thread is the positively sunny outlook of each post that keep us scrolling for more feel-good inspiration.

Take a look through some of our favorites below, then check out the Grombre account for details on how to have your photo featured.

Color aside, this style is absolutely stunning. It expertly shows off all of her grey tones.

We love that this woman admitted she was nervous about going gray at first, and we also love her attitude of embracing what makes you "uniquely you."

We agree, freckles and silver are the perfect combo.

If you're considering going gray, visit this inspiring account and you might just be ready to take the plunge. You'll never quite know what range of gray you've been blessed with until you let it start to grow, but we have a feeling it'll look beautiful on you. And don't forget to share your photos of your gorgeous silver strands with us.

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