3 Secrets of Women With Gray Hair

Proof that going gray is a rite of passage—and a stylish one, at that.

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Silver­­ haired beauties know that there's power in their pigment (or lack thereof)—and know how to use it to their advantage. Among its many other virtues, gray hair is an embodiment of wisdom and elegance manifested from the woman who wears it. Though commonly reserved for women in their more mature years, even ladies in their 20's are starting to take notes. (I mean really, where do you think they came up with the idea of ash blonde hair?) However, with great power comes responsibility, and the powerful silver strands atop your head are no exception. Here, a few cardinal rules every stylish silver haired lady knows to be true.

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Gray hair should be worn as a choice, not a consolation prize.

The process of aging gracefully needn't wait to begin until after retirement. Gray haired ladies know the power that lies within their silver strands comes not from age alone, but the confidence in wearing it like you mean business. (Trust us—a few antique highlights and throwing 'the look' your mama always gave you can provide earth-shattering results.) Instead of masking color, embracing your grays and investing in the right techniques to play them up results in a woman with head-turning confidence and a perfect excuse for more regular salon visits.

When amping up your hair chemically, we'll always suggest leaving it to the pros, but if you're feeling extra confident (go you!), opt for this top-rated at-home formula for the best all-over gray color.

Gray hair needs as much TLC as any other hair color.

Older sister to blonde hair, gray is one of the more sensitive hair colors to product and styling, which requires a little extra pampering (not that we mind!). Because gray hairs develop their color by losing pigment, they are usually drier than their preceding strands. Much like your finest silverware, gray hair will require a little hands-on touching up in between salon visits to keep it looking sparkling and new. Work a gentle, nourishing shampoo into your shower regimen containing blue and purple undertones to ward off unflattering brassy hues and to keep your locks moisturized.

Going gray doesn't mean hitting ‘mute' on your look.

In fact, it means quite the opposite. Many women worry that going gray will wash out their skin tone and overall make them look and feel 'blah,' but we prefer to look at it as an invitation to kick our other color choices up a notch. Gray ladies have the freedom of picking a striking lipstick shade that could otherwise be compromised by say, a very specific shade of strawberry blonde. Gray hair offers the luxury of choice between stunning shades of apricot and rose by playing backdrop to even the most vibrant of hues. And as for that stunning jewel-toned maxi dress you've been eyeing? We say go for it, lady.

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