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By Patricia Shannon
May 25, 2018
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This iron will cost you, but it will last too. It’s a simple design with fewer features than you might expect at this price point, but it does its job well. The GHD Classic heats up in 30 seconds, doesn’t snag, and works double duty as a curling iron. In fact, it’s the secret to our beachy waves.

| Credit: Sephora

A good hair straightener is the best-hair-day secret of countless Southern women. Her smooth strands with nary a flyaway in sight? Those perfectly undone beach waves? How about impeccably polished curls that everyone swears must have been bestowed by painstakingly setting countless hot rollers? Yep, she can achieve all this and more with a good straightening iron.

When it comes to the best tool for the job, the GHD Gold Professional 1” gets our vote. We understand you might want to mull this one over before taking the plunge but, honestly, this is a time-is-of-the-essence situation. Today only, the GHD Gold Professional 1” is 50 percent off. You read that right. The tool that regularly clocks in at $199 is $99, thanks to The Gorgeous Hair Event at Ulta.

This likely isn’t the first time you’ve heard about GHD or their glorious gold-plated creation. We’ve waxed on about it in the past and chances are you have at least a friend or two with this very straightener. She’s likely had it for years—if our 2013 version that’s still going strong is any indication.

If you’re not sold on the price, let the features entice you. The plates heat up to 365 degrees in a flash and will smooth most strands to a healthy shine with just one pass. The narrow plates and slightly curved edges make achieving those curled and waved styles a breeze without fearing the dreaded hair snag.

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A trusty hair straightener is every Southern gal’s best friend for fighting the summer humidity. We’re so pleased we could introduce you two—we know you’ll be fast friends.