Garnier Whole Blends Moisturizing Almond Milk Shampoo and Conditioner Has Inspired Me To Love My Air-Dried Hair Again

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I can count on one hand the number of times I've heat styled my hair over the past five weeks. Working from home with a three-year-old and a one-year-old just doesn't allow for the type of me time that includes anything more than the bare necessities (no masking, manicures, or bread baking for me). I am grateful for the companionship, though, even if it often includes an angry baby standing outside of the shower curtain screaming while I haphazardly try to rinse conditioner out of my hair. As anyone who similarly finds themselves with limited time (basically, all of us), whether because of child-induced, work-induced, or just general life-induced demands, one thing we've managed to master over the past weeks is the art of finding joy where and when we can. For me, that came in the form of Garnier Whole Blends Moisturizing Almond Milk and Agave Extract Shampoo ($4.49) and Conditioner ($4.49) ($4.49).

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When air drying my hair, I've found that moisturizing products are a necessity. Better still, moisturizing products with weightless formulations. Prior to going on my air-drying binge, I was wary of shampoos and conditioners that promised hydration. They have a tendency to weigh down my fine strands and sometimes leave my hair feeling less than fresh. Whole Blends stands above most of the lightweight, moisturizing crowd as far as I'm concerned. It leaves my hair without an ounce of heft, making it soft and touchable and with reduced frizz.

The star ingredient is almond milk. It's the source of the soft and healthy feel that I experienced immediately—wash number one, and I was still lathering. Agave nectar takes the idea of weightless moisture and brings it up a notch. The result is what I've come to define as blow-in-the-breeze hair. My hair was typically one wavy clump when air dried. No tousled curls or easy-going straight strands here. It was flat at the scalp, fluffier toward the end, unruly, and begged to be tied up. Keyword: was. Let me tell you something about my hair about a month in to using Whole Blends Almond Milk Nurture Shampoo and Conditioner—it's silky, smooth, and I'm even starting to see more of my natural wave appear (for reference, I'm a 2a curl type).

I've never been troubled by a great amount of frizz. I get my fair share, but nothing that's unmanageable. It's basically nonexistent at this point—even in my current locale in south Alabama. Before you think, well, maybe I'll just start with the shampoo and skip the conditioner, think again. I cannot stress this enough: It will not weigh you down, but it is the secret to that final, silky punch your strands need. Just make sure to apply it from the mid-length to ends if your hair is fine.

For years, I've been on the hunt for creams, mousses, sprays, and more that would make me love my air-dried strands. Who knew the secret would be found in a drugstore shampoo and conditioner?

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