If You Have Fine Hair, Follow These Volume-Boosting Tips For Your Most Flattering Look Yet

Get that ooh-la-lift.

Fine Hair Tips
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Limp locks got you down? The good news is, you're in plenty of company. Fine hair isn't limited to any one hair type, texture, length, or style of hair, leaving women all around with the question, "what gives?" Fine hair doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have a lot of hair, although fine hair and thin hair certainly can go hand-in-hand at times. Fine hair by definition merely refers to the diameter of each individual strand, meaning that it's entirely possible to have a head full of fine hair that can be hard to coax into cooperation. Don't make these 7 fine hair mistakes, and you're off to a good start.

When fine hair falls flat, our best advice is to pump up the volume any way you can. Although fine hair requires a little extra TLC to reach its most voluminous potential, we're always game for a little pampering. From choosing the right cut (like these flattering short haircuts for fine hair) and color to mastering daily maintenance, follow these tips to help your fine hair find its ooh-la-lift.

Invest in the Right Products

Volume-boosting hair products are a fine-haired girl's best friend. No need to pull out the teasing brush and risk breakage. Firstly, be sure not to over-condition your locks in the shower at risk of weighing down your mane, especially towards the roots. Focus a small amount on the ends only. Afterwards, opt for a post-shower spritz to set each strand up for success before styling. We suggest Ouai Volume Spray, a body-building tonic that is good for all hair types and powered by thickening volume polymers and softening hibiscus extract. Whenever your hair needs a refresh in between washes or is looking flat up top, use Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast to pump up the roots and act similar to a dry shampoo.

Master Your Blow-Drying Technique

We know what you're thinking: How hard can it be? However, not all hair types require the same techniques, and fine hair is no exception. Instead of flipping your head upside-down and hoping for the best, consider blowing out your hair using a round brush and always pulling hair in an upwards direction away from the root as you blow-dry. This will help lift everything up and build body. Finish with a blast on the cool air setting to protect against frizz. The cult-favorite Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer makes a fabulous option for those who aren't as comfortable wielding a brush and blow dryer at the same time.

Start From Within

Biotin is highly acclaimed for helping hair grow longer and stronger—and fast. Adding a biotin supplement to your daily routine can help promote hair growth. Our best recommendation if you're starting a hair health daily supplement for the first time? Nutraful Women's Hair Growth Supplement for Thicker, Stronger Hair. You can read the rave reviews and see the before-after comparisons yourself. It's pricey, but deemed to be a big game-changer. It features not just one, but 21 key ingredients.

Don't Forget Finishing Touches

A little smart styling can work wonders on your locks. For example, styling will be much easier if you've already asked for a cut with a few well-placed layers to add oomph to your mane without thinning it out, and contouring your hair with both highlights and lowlights can create the illusion of extra dimension before you've even grabbed the curling iron. Consider a side part to feign extra thickness on one side, and always curl hair away from the face. If getting ready for a fancy night, don't be afraid to tease those roots. Every once in a while doesn't hurt! Always finish with a light spritz of hair spray for hold. It's hard to beat Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray.

Fine hair, officially don't care—because you're set up for major success with these easy hair tips.

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