A guide to ooh-la-lift.

By Wesley Shaw
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How to Use a Round Brush to Make Fine Hair Look Fuller 
Credit: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty

Limp locks got you down? The first good news is, you're in plenty of company. Fine hair isn't limited to any one type, color, or style of hair, leaving sisters all around with the question, what gives? Fine hair doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have a lot of hair—although those certainly can go hand-in-hand. Fine hair by definition merely refers to the diameter of each individual strand, meaning that it's entirely possible to have a head full of fine hair that refuses to cooperate*sigh…raises hand*.

Where fine hair falls flat, our expert advice is here to pump up the volume. Although fine hair requires a little extra TLC to reach its fullest potential, we're always game for a little pampering. From choosing the right cut, color and style, to mastering daily maintenance, follow our best tips to help your fine hair find its ooh-la-lift.

Invest in the Right Products.

Volumizing hair products are a Southern girls best friend, not limited to fine hair alone. First things first, be sure not to over-condition your locks in the shower at risk of weighing down your mane. Instead, opt for a thickening tonic to spritz in post-shower and pre-blow dry to expand each strand before styling. If thinning hair is a more recent obstacle for you (don't worry—it's totally normal at any age!), consider a hair re-growth regimen like Aveda's Invati Advanced 3-Step system—proven to reduce hair loss by 53%.

Master Your Blow Drying Technique.

We know what you're thinking: just flip your hair over while blowing it dry! Forget what you've been told, sister, because not all hair types are made equally, and certainly neither are techniques. Unless you have straight-as-a-board hair that's never seen a day of frizz in rain or shine, this ‘technique' is not for you. Curly girls with thin hair especially ought to know that it's a one-way ticket to frizz. Instead, opt for blowing out your hair with your part on the opposite side of your natural part and finish off with a blast of cold air to settle. Once the follicles cool, they'll have dried in such a way as to offer a little lift. We suggest styling with a round barrel brush for extra body and finishing off with a spritz of a combination texturizing spray and dry shampoo.

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Consider a Supplement.

Biotin is highly acclaimed for helping hair grow longer and stronger—and fast. Adding a biotin supplement to your daily routine can help promote hair growth—and bonus!—longer and stronger nails.

Fake It Till You Make It.

A little smart styling can work wonders on your locks, lady. You only have to know what to ask for! During your next hair appointment, talk over a few out-of-the-box options with your stylist. A few well-placed layers can add oomph to your ‘do, while a proper combination of highlights and lowlights can create the illusion of depth. While styling at home, consider a stylish side part (may we be so bold as to suggest on the opposite side of your normal part?) And if all else fails? Tease that hair to the high heavens, honey.