1970s Feathered Hair Is Far From Extinct—Here's How To Style It in 2020

Let’s get groovy.

You can't think about the 1970s without conjuring up a distinct memory of a certain iconic hair moment. Sure, blunt bangs á la Jane Birkin and wild curls á la Diana Ross come to mind, but there is one style that Farrah Fawcett single-handedly made eponymous with the decade: feathered hair. Without it, the 1970s would be just a blur of disco and bell bottoms.

Feathered hair differs from other decades-past hair trends—that often feel too far of a stray from modern day to be recycled—by virtue of the many interpretations that can be taken from the style's signature flips and curls. Back then, it might have been fluffy roots and dramatically swept bangs, but now it could mean a breezy blowout that flicks up, back, and away from the face. Both interpretations give any look a flattering lift, but in ways that feel fitting for the times.

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The modern-day take on feathered hair might not be as iconic as Fawcett's look, but it can garner almost as much hair envy. Without further adieu, these retro-inspired hairstyles show how to style feathered hair in 2020.

Disco Feathered Hair

For a trend-setting look that feels like you're turning back time, you might want to grab the rollers. Our favorite deal is Amazon's Jumbo Self-Grip Hair Rollers Set. (A large barrel curling iron works, too.) Immediately after blow-drying, load your hair into large hair rollers that focus all around your face. Starting at the roots and working your way down, make sure that your hair is being swept back and away from your face to achieve the signature big-barrel flips. Let sit for at least thirty minutes before unleashing the epic bounce and finger-comb to get a touch of fluff. (If using a curling iron, curl away from the face, always.)

Feathered Shag

Farrah called, and she wants her cut back. This edgier take on the classic style is super heaving on layers and thick side-swept bangs—with no curling required. Simply use your straightening iron to flip out the ends of each layer around the face, making sure each flip heads away from the face towards the back of the head. An extra dramatic flip on the ends is never a bad idea. Use Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray after styling to seriously pump up the volume and hold.

New Feathered Bangs

To make Fawcett's famous feathered bangs perfect for present day, add fringe! Specifically, curtain bangs. Paired with a layered haircut of any length, these can add a vintage touch while still feeling subtle and modern. Simply blow-dry with a round brush to get the fluffiness on the bangs and use a big barrel curling iron for a sleeker take on the style. Finish with Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist.

Feathered Short Hair

Talk about ponytail goals. Short hair can get in on the trend with just as much flip and curl. All you need is a set of long and airy side-swept bangs to accompany a volume-packed flipped ponytail that rivals the height of Fawcett's 'do.

So now that we've settled the debate on whether feathered hair belongs tucked away in an old closet or front and center at your next event, we're scheming on how to bring back baby blue eye shadow. We'll keep you posted!

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