Post-salon blues got you down?

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Short Blonde Hair with Waves
Credit: hedgehog94/Getty Images

We all know that feeling: that post-color, cut and blowout feeling that gives us a little extra spring in our step. If you've never stepped out of the salon in Pantene-commercial-style slow motion as a light breeze catches your locks and a glimmer of sunshine catches your minutes-old highlights—well honey, you're just not living right. And although we've all gone longer than we'd like to admit between our salon visit and our *sigh* first wash, we're here to tell you that putting your fresh color into your own hands doesn't have to be a painful reality check. If your colored locks tend to trend in a downward spiral post-appointment, follow our best tips to reinvigorate dull hair color that's lost its luster.

Beware of Brassiness.

Color correcting isn't only for the dark circles under your eyes—in fact, many shades of color-treated hair suffer from unflattering brassy tones that appear within weeks of coloring and can benefit from offsetting the tones in a cooler shade. Luckily, it doesn't take a specialist to get the job done—only the right selection of products. A high-quality toning shampoo with purple undertones is a great investment to cancel out unflattering warm tones while promoting strength, shine, and vibrancy in all the right places.

Nourish for High Shine.

Lack of moisture is a guaranteed recipe for lack of interest in the depth of your color. Even the most talented of stylists can only do so much, so keeping your locks moisturized between appointments is all on you, miss thang. Add this deep conditioning mask to your cart, and apply it in the shower after shampooing, letting it soak in for 10 minutes before rinsing. Amazon customers agree that this anti-breakage, nourishing formula is truly worth every penny.

Your mama always told you, but we must reiterate— for goodness sake, always protect your hair before styling it with heat.

Before You Reach for the Box...

While at-home treatments certainly have their appeal, one must choose carefully before putting themselves at risk of undoing the efforts of an experienced beauty technician. Those color appointments aren't cheap, y'all, and if one falls prey to gimmicky hair coloring products that overpromise and under deliver, you might wind up in a heap of straw-like hair and salon bills to match. Try this root touch-up semi-permanent color to cover roots and greys in just 10 minutes—that lasts up to three weeks between appointments. Or, try this less permanent root cover-up spray that simply washes away after your next shampoo.