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Much like your mother, frizz is uncontrollable and often shows up unannounced. Except it doesn't bring a plate of cookies with it. Instead, you're gifted with staticky fluff that can really put a damper on a good hair day. While there are hair oils and smoothing serums out there that, when used correctly, can help to stop frizz before or during its tirade, some feel that these anti-frizz products can weigh down your hair, make it oily, or be an unnecessary extra expense. Luckily, the inventive users on social media always have a creative answer to everything. In this case, the trick is already sitting in your laundry room. 

Dryer Sheets for Hair Frizz
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The ultimate hair hack to get rid of frizz instantly is none other than...dryer sheets. Yes, the linen-scented squares perched on top of your washer-dryer set. Users on TikTok started demonstrating how dryer sheets have major smoothing power when lightly swiped lengthwise down your hair, and it actually makes a lot of sense. Dryer sheets are usually coated in a softening agent that helps combat and neutralize static cling while clothes are in the dryer, so it's no surprise that it might be helpful when applied to hair, as well. (The video below shows how to use dryer sheets for de-frizzing.) 

For those who don't want to add yet another hair product into their routine, it makes a perfect compromise. Dryer sheets are something you likely already have in the house, and they're way more affordable than many hair oils on the market. Plus, they're super easy to throw in a baggie and into your purse for on-the-go frizz-fighting. Simply use one sheet to run over the length of your hair anytime to immediately get rid of any frizz or static.

Shop natural dryer sheets that you actually might not mind using on your strands below. 

Dryer Sheets for Hair Frizz
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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets

These plant-derived dryer sheets are made with natural essential oils and without icky ingredients like phthalates and artificial coloring. Choose from dreamy aromas like this honeysuckle scent. 

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Dryer Sheets for Hair Frizz
Credit: Amazon

Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets, Pack of 2

Another great natural option, these dryer sheets are infused with lavender and argan oil for a boost of shine while you're also fighting frizz. 

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