When you aren't quite ready to bid adieu to that salon blowout, we have a solution. 

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Over-washing your hair can do serious damage to your ‘do, especially in dry winter months and especially for curly haired beauties with notoriously dry locks. What's a girl to do when our ‘hair washing days' don't line up with important events where we'll need to be looking our best? Two words: dry shampoo. (Come on, y'all. Baby powder just won't do!) Southern women have a serious love affair with dry shampoo—after all, who would want the wonders of the blow dry bar to go to waste mere hours post-visit? This dose of magic-in-a-bottle soaks up oils and adds extra ‘oomph' to hair that's been days since it's seen a wash (don't worry—we won't tell), but even the best of products only reach their fullest potential by virtue of the technique of a Southern lady. Whether your schedule is jam-packed or you're merely suffering from dry-as-the-desert locks that can't afford a wash, we've got a trick to help your dry shampoo work double time.

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Here's what to do.

Apply dry shampoo liberally to your roots (as you normally would) and wait just a minute for it to settle in. (Try this yummy smelling fan favorite dry shampoo for best results.) Then, grab your hair dryer and use it on your roots—preferably on the highest heat setting. You know the technique that goes into ‘baking' your makeup (i.e. letting your concealer soak in before blending for better all-day wear)? The same idea follows here. High heat from your blow dryer helps ‘bake' the product in where it might usually fade throughout the day, while brushing out your dry shampoo helps spread the product evenly for some much-needed all-over volume.

Voila! Healthy hair for days.