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Woman Holding Dry Hair
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For Southern women, a well-kept hairstyle isn't just vanity, it's a way of life. When it comes to hair products, our motto is the more, the merrier, and no one—not even our husbands—can stop us from scooping up the latest must-haves at the drugstore. Recently, dry conditioner is the strand savior all of our friends are raving about. But, since its name is a hybrid of two our favorite products, it leaves us wondering: Is it dry shampoo? Conditioner? Or a little bit of both?

"It's not a dry shampoo at all," explains Alli Webb, founder of Drybar. "It's purely a conditioner that's designed to be used on the ends of dry hair." Just like its in-shower counterpart, this innovative formula is ideal for a parched mane: "It hydrates, smooths, and detangles dehydrated ends making them feel like silk."

A product that is infused with argan oil and mango butter, like Drybar's Detox Dry Conditioner, helps nourish strands while imparting them with shine. Simply use it whenever you feel like the bottom half of your hair is feeling a little brittle or dry. "We use dry shampoo all the time to refresh the roots, but sometimes we forget about the ends of the hair," says Webb. "This is truly a little secret weapon."

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Next time you decide extend your blow-out, keep your style looking fresh from roots to tips by using dry conditioner after your dry shampoo. Shake the bottle well and then spray it from the mid-shaft to ends. Your locks will instantly look (and feel) silkier. One spritz session is all it takes for this styler to earn a permanent spot in your bathroom.