It all started when I asked my husband to pick up a bottle of dry shampoo at the grocery store.

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Dove Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo
Credit: Target

If you're a dry shampoo believer, chances are you have a brand that you swear by. Me? I was just using an old sample I found on the free table at SL HQ last year. You see, I've never been a big dry shampoo fan. I've tried different varieties (powder, aerosol, etc.) and brands throughout the years, but nothing has been worth a repeat buy. So, that's why I found myself sending my husband to the beauty aisle of our grocery store without a brand name or direction aside from, "just make sure the bottle says dry shampoo." I had nothing to lose.

What landed on our kitchen table amidst the bags of groceries was Dove Dry Shampoo and, this part is important, it was the Fresh Coconut variety. As I've mentioned, up until this point, I was never a big believer in dry shampoo. It made my hair feel gross and untouchable (lest that powdery stuff gets all over my fingers), it would leave a white residue that was noticeable even on my light hair, and generally made me wish I would've just taken the time to wash my strands in the first place.

It was a moment of desperation that led me to this point of sending my husband to the grocery store beauty aisle unsupervised. But, it has perhaps been one of my best cosmetic decisions in life so far. This dry shampoo is light, volumizing, and doesn't leave that pesky white residue on my roots. Plus, the smell is amazing. It's the kind of refreshing fragrance that makes you do a double sniff when scent catches your nose.

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What's even better, my hair isn't a knotted mess the next day. It's touchable and doesn't leave water beading off my scalp like a duck's back the next time I shampoo. Send your husband to pick this one up and it won't disappoint. At $4.99, it's certainly worth a try.