You Should Be Conditioning Your Hair Twice Every Time You Wash—Here's Why

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Changing up your shampooing routine can be tricky, it's almost like second nature. An unlikely tip from Austin-based Swoon Salon's board-certified Master Colorist, Micky Kibbe, has us ditching our tried-and-true process in favor of a double conditioning routine that promises softer curls and body for days.

We recently recommended fine-haired ladies reverse wash, meaning condition prior to shampooing. This technique is a surefire way to create soft, static-free hair that has the body and bounce you love. We've also discussed the benefits of co-washing, which has been making waves with the curly-haired crowd for years. Co-washing simply nixes traditional shampoo in favor of conditioning shampoo, like this one. This process is ideal for women with curly or textured hair but, just like the condition-shampoo-condition technique, doesn't work for everyone. Women who can benefit from double conditioning are those with curly hair in need of an extra dose of moisture.

Giving your curls the double conditioning treatment will help them retain moisture better than the traditional shampoo-then-condition process. If you've found co-washing doesn't work on your unique curl texture and style, this is a great option that's somewhere between traditional washing and co-washing. You'll get the volumizing benefits of shampoo with much of the moisture-drenching impact of co-washing. Giving your curls a double condition should trigger reduced frizz, more shine, and softer spirals.

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Give it a try and let us know what you think. Are you a fan of the co-wash, double condition, or reverse wash? There are plenty of ways to switch up your suds routine to unleash your best hair—just be sure to share your secret formula with us.

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