Who else wants to hit the refresh button on their spirals?

Trendiest Curly Haircut for Summer
Credit: Frank P. Wartenberg/Picture Press/Getty Images

Each summer, a fresh fleet of haircuts takes over salons and makes us start itching for a new look. When picking the perfect trending haircut for you, it's all about texture. Whether straight, wavy, or curly, your texture should have the loudest voice in the room when deciding which summer 'do deserves the chop.

There are different concerns for curly hair versus straight hair. One might battle flatness on the regular, while the other is on constant mission to banish frizz. With that in mind, it's only fitting that the trendiest summer haircut for these two hair types couldn't be more opposite. This season is all about easy styling and embracing your texture, and the most popular style for ladies with straight hair and those with curls definitely shows it, only in very different ways. Straight-haired ladies are going crazy for the 90's bob: a blunt, chin-length bob that's brushed unabashedly straight and parted in the center; but on the other end of the spectrum, curly girls are making a statement with voluminous, layered bobs with a deep side part and never-ending tousled texture.

While the bob is always a no-brainer, it's the cascading layers and deep side part with volume-packed spirals that really seals the deal for curly-haired girls. Curls always benefit from layering to avoid the heavy-ended triangle effect, and this haircut begs for some extra face-framing layers to finish the tousled bang look.

What's great about this trending haircut for curly hair is that it works on different curl types, from crazy waves to kinky spirals. Adjust the length from the stylish chin-grazing bob to the versatile collarbone-length long bob. For any length, a little asymmetry plays up the deep side part even more. Pump up the bob with curl-enhancing mousse or spray, and the tousled side part will keep that volume and texture all day long.

When you want to switch up your style for a spell, transition this haircut into a center-parted bob that'll have next-level volume at the crown. It makes a statement, whether at a special occasion or summer party. A center part and bold lipstick will do the trick.

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This bob might be the easiest decision we've made this summer yet; but if you're looking for more fresh haircuts to choose from, these short hairstyles will make the most of your spirals.