Dae's Daily Shampoo and Conditioner Made My Hair Look So Good I Had to Change into a Better Outfit

Bye bye, bad hair days.

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Let me start by saying that I did not want to like dae Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner.

The packaging is beautiful and clean (as is the ingredient list), but at $24 per 10-ounce bottle, I did not want to get hooked. I've always been low maintenance with my shampoo and conditioner choices, opting for whatever drugstore brand smells the best, and it seemed imprudent to suddenly develop a pricy hair care habit. So when our beauty editor sent me home with the vegan shampoo and conditioner duo, I stashed it in the shower with a pledge to maintain healthy skepticism throughout the testing process. But just one rinse-and-repeat in, and my skepticism vanished as quickly as my bad hair days.

Dae Daily Shampoo and Conditioner


At first, the smell was a little off-putting. Good, I thought. I won't fall in love. I typically prefer super clean scent profiles when it comes to hair care, and dae's shampoo and conditioner smell decidedly sweet. (That's compliments of the hibiscus, lime, and other floral extracts.) If fruitier fragrances are your thing, though, you'll love dae for that reason alone.

While the shampoo and conditioner felt nice enough going on (the conditioner, especially), it wasn't until I blew my hair dry that I realized I was about to be all-in on the pricy haircare habit I'd hoped to avoid.

Even when I use volume or texturizing sprays, volume often seems to evade my fine hair, particularly when I'm overdue for a haircut. But after one wash with dae's Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner and a spin with my blow dryer and round brush (and no other product), my hair was super soft, shiny, and even had a little bounce. It looked like I'd taken extra time to style it, when in reality, the only thing I'd done differently was change out my shampoo and conditioner. (BUY THEM: Daily Shampoo, $24; and Daily Conditioner, $24; sephora.com)

It was a Friday, so I'd planned to wear a low-effort outfit to work (this was pre-COVID, when we were still going into the office), but my hair looked so good, I changed into something a little more memorable. After all, you can't waste a good 'do on a dud of an outfit—that's the rule!

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