Read this before you snip.


If the warm weather has you dreaming of chopping off all your hair, we get it — the heat can be brutal if you have long hair. That's why the summer season is when many women decide to cool off with a shorter style. However, before you tell your stylist to take it all off, there are a few things to ask yourself first. After all, all it takes are a few snips of the scissors to realize you made a mane mistake. Arsen Gurgov, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Arsen Gurgov salon, shares what questions you should keep in mind before cropping it like it's hot:

1. Why do I want to cut my hair short?

Really think about why you want a fresh chop. "It's important to understand exactly why you'd like to cut your hair short," says Gurgov, and no, changing your look after a breakup isn't a good reason to hit up the salon. "You shouldn't make a drastic change to your hair when you are experiencing a big life change or have an event coming up like a wedding," he continues. Instead, if you're interested in updating your look but are unsure of exactly want, Gurgov recommends easing into it: "Try doing it in stages so it's not so severe."

2. Do I trust my stylist?

If you count your stylist as a friend or a de facto therapist, you can trust them to cut your hair. But, if you're still a new client or are unsure about their technique, avoid making a drastic change in their chair. "It's easier to communicate with someone you already have a rapport with," explains Gurgov. "They also understand the texture of your hair and know your personality. When you cut your hair short, there's no hiding it if you don't like the style, so you shouldn't do it on a whim."

3. Will this cut fit my lifestyle?

Even if an edgy cut fits your personality, you need to make sure a new look will fit into your lifestyle as well. "Some styles are more high maintenance than others so be realistic about how much time and effort you can invest on doing your hair each morning," advises Gurgov. So if you barely have time to brush your hair daily, it's smart to rethink a look that requires extra styling time.

4. Can I style my hair myself?

Speaking of styling, make sure you feel confident doing your new do at-home. A good rule of thumb to make sure it's manageable? Pick a style that goes with the natural texture of your hair instead of going against it. "After your stylist cuts your new hair, ask them to take the time to show you exactly how to style it so you leave the salon feeling confident that you can recreate your new look," adds Gurgov.

5. Have I had a similar style before and liked it?

"If you've had short hair before and loved it, it's easier to take the plunge," says Gurgov, but even if you're used to a cropped cut bring a photo to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page. "This helps avoid any possible miscommunication," he continues. "Also, don't be afraid to show your stylist pictures of what you don't like too. It's helpful for them in understanding exactly what you look you are going for. Especially in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words."

6. Am I cutting off enough hair to donate it to charity?

If you're undergoing a major mane makeover and cutting off ten or more inches, consider donating it to a charity like Locks of Love that provides hairpieces to children in need. That way you can feel great about your new haircut — and about making a difference in someone's life.