This Mousse Is Saving My Curly Hair

Smooth Brunette Curls
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I was born with a full head of curly hair. My mom and all of her sisters had pin-straight hair so she had no clue what to do with me. Of course my dad, who always kept his curly hair short, was no help either. Once I was old enough to start doing my own hair, I grabbed anything that smelled amazing and used it. It wasn't until high school that I realized different products might actually help tame my curls. My routine has varied since: shampooing less often; using leave-in conditioner; applying crunchy gels every day.

I recently determined that I have type 3a curly hair. My curls are defined and springy but require extra moisture and can easily frizz. I usually don't like using a mousse because it never seems to control the shape of my curls or prevent frizz. When I came across White Sands Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse, I thought I'd give it a try. The label made a few promises: frizz-free, high shine, and textured curls. Sold.

White Sands Curl Up In Silk Mousse

A little dollop of Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse goes a long way. After combing it through damp hair with my fingers, I scrunch the areas I know tend to curl less. If things are looking a little flat, I flip my hair upside down and shake things out to get extra volume at the roots. The ingredients in White Sands' Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse help the hair strands group together, which helps keep each curl in place without having to use a gel.

Once my hair has fully dried I'm left with soft, defined, shiny curls. My hair moves naturally and doesn't look stiff at all.

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One of my favorite parts of White Sands' Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse is actually washing it out. My hair feels like silk. No dry and brittle strands here. The product leaves my hair moisturized and ready for the next day.

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