We Just Learned What Curl Gel Casting Is And We're Already Calling It A Game Changer

It works wonders combatting high humidity levels

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Curly haired women might be the only ladies who legitimately get excited for summer humidity. Those high moisture levels can really boost curls and add volume in a way that winter conditions would never allow, no matter how much manipulating, raking and shaking we manage.

The only caveat to summertime styling? The right product paired with the right technique is absolutely essential during those frizz-prone times. That's why we're sharing a new technique (or at least new to us) that will change the game this summer. Master it and you'll have earned the title of curl whisperer, with the spirals to show for it.

Now, when we say this curl strategy is new to us, we mean brand new. Just this morning, we heard the phrase "gel casting" referenced by a curl-industry insider, stumping even our reigning SL curl expert (if you saw the curls on this girl, you would give her a crown). Naturally, this set us off on a Google-searching rampage. Within a matter of minutes, everything we thought we understood about gel for curly hair was thrown out the window.

We were always under the impression that the crunchy feeling that resulted from so most of the gels we've tried over the years was the calling card of a subpar product. We soon found that many brands intend for their product to give that crunch affect at first. In fact, it's paramount to the gel casting technique. We know, mind blown.

If you're having flashbacks to those crispy curls of the early aughts, rest assured they won't be making comeback anytime soon.

The trick is to apply curl gel like Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel to wet strands. Use a rake and shake technique, or stick with your preferred process for bringing out your natural curl. Just remember, once you've finished applying product it's hands off.

As your hair dries, the gel will harden around each curl, creating a cast that helps hair dry in its natural curl pattern. It also allows each spiral to fully soak in all the moisture it needs to combat humidity while protecting it from the elements when it's at its most vulnerable state during the drying process. Who knew?

When your hair is fully dry—whether you've air dried or diffused—break the cast by gently scrunching hair and perhaps even tousling the roots just a bit. Particularly when you're working from mid-length to ends, a small drop of oil on the hands will help eliminate the potential for frizz.

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Just remember, gentle is key here. Roughly disturbing curls, cast or not, will undo all your styling work and you certainly don't want that.

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