Don't let a heat wave ruin your do.
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Woman with Short Brown Curly Hair
Klaus Vedfelt
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Summer is the time of year when the temperatures rise, the days get longer, the drinks get colder, and unfortunately hair gets bigger. This is especially the case if you were blessed with a head full of curls. Without proper prep, curly hair can go downhill fast, resulting in a fluffy, frizzy mess. So what's the key to maintaining a manicured mane? Moisture—and lots of it. "Hydrated hair doesn't get frizzy," explains celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter.

The reason curly hair is drier than other textures boils down to its structure: It's easier for the oils from the scalp to make their way through the hair cuticle in naturally straight hair. Whereas with curls, these oils travel down a more loopy, indirect path, leading to a lack of moisture. Because of this, proper nourishment is crucial to keep frizz attacks at bay. Here are five ways to ensure your hair stay smooth all summer long:

1. Show Strands Love In The Shower

Skip the shampoo, and reach for a co-wash, like Aveda's Be Curly Co-Wash, instead. "If you feel like you must shampoo, use a peppermint formula on just the scalp, then apply the co-wash through the rest of strands," says Shorter. "It will load hair down with moisture."

2. Choose The Right Styling Products

Shorter recommends to use a gel that has moisturizing properties like Bumble and bumble's Anti Humidity Gel-Oil that keep coils nourished while also holding them in place. If you're hooked on a basic gel formula, try using a lightweight hydrator (like a spray or cream) beforehand.

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3. Protect Against The Sun

Just like you slather your body with SPF before a pool day, you need to shield strands too. Always spritz on a UV protector to avoid sun damage since it can disrupt the cuticle, leading to breakage and you guessed it, frizz.

4. Groom On-The-Go

"Tame flyaways by keeping a little spray bottle of oil or a hydrating balm in your bag," says Shorter. In a pinch, try using hand cream.

5. Go For A Gloss

Another issue curly girls can face in the warmer months is that their coils can lighten up depending on how much sun exposure they get. A gloss is a good way to keep your curls' color looking fresh while also leaving locks hydrated and silky smooth.