This Incredible Curly Hair Gel Has Nearly 1000 Five-Star Reviews On Amazon

And a five-star review from one very curly editor.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel
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When you've got a hair routine nailed down, there are very few products that'll make you stray away from what you know already works. This sentiment is amplified with curly hair. For me, it's been a full-blown quest for a hair routine of which I'm still not completely sure. Curly hair – or my "lion's mane" (as I like to refer to it), requires quite a few maintenance steps.

First, you've got to nail down the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo. You may also be in need of a pre-wash, if your locks are especially tangled. But, when you're done cleansing and nourishing those locks, styling is arguably one of the most difficult curly steps to master. It's exhausting. There are a million-and-one gels, creams, texturizers, and leave-in conditioners out there, and most folks swear by a personalized combination of two or more products. So, where do you begin?

Once you find a line of shampoo and conditioner that you feel really brings out the best in your curls, it's easiest to stick to that brand for styling products. Of all the curly hair lines I've tried, I've been most impressed with how DevaCurl brings out my curl pattern. What I once thought was wavy, unkempt hair has now developed into individual curl segments. So, when it came to picking a styling product, I started with DevaCurl. As it turns out, so did thousands of other curly girls online.

DevaCurl has a whole community of gals who vlog about their hair routines and which combination of curly hair products work best for them, but I was most impressed with how many Amazon users raved about a particular styling miracle: the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. The gel has nearly 1000 five-star reviews online, which – when you're dealing with people who are very strategic about their hair – is incredibly impressive. The Ultra Defining Gel, which retails for $22 for a 12-ounce bottle, creates a gel cast around each curl and prides itself on leaving you crunch-free. A firm believer in this product myself, I use a quarter-size dollop on soaking wet hair, air dry with the help of a microfiber towel, and let the gel work its magic on my frizzy curls. I'm still using the same bottle of gel after 6 months, so it'll also last you a fair bit of time.

You may also be interested in learning how to wash those curly locks:

If you won't take my word for it, turn to the nearly 1000 reviewers who have rated the Ultra Defining Gel as a five-star product. One top reviewer says she "found the missing puzzle piece" to her curly hair routine; others rave that they'll never use another curly hair gel again. (I just may be one of them!) And, it's Southern humidity-approved. One reviewer wrote: "I live in Coastal Georgia where there is a lot of humidity...My hair does not frizz with this product." Is there any other seal of approval we need?

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