Love your curls at every age.
Woman with Gray Curly Hair
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Maintain shine, bounce, and volume with these anti-aging tips for curly hair. There's much to love about aging, but one thing that can be a little less than thrilling is thinning hair that's lost its luster. We've researched the best methods for ensuring your best hair days are yet to come. Take a look through these do's and don'ts for curly hair and uncover fuller, more shiny spirals in no time.

Frequent Trims

The key to keeping hair looking healthy at every age is frequent trims. That means visiting the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair length and needs. Trimming often will ensure your ends stay thick and healthy and will also help your stylist maximize your curl potential with a cut that plays up your natural texture.

Skip the Brush

Put down the brush because it's all about the rake and shake. A brush will literally brush out your curls—even if you're doing it while hair is still wet. The best process is to comb out hair with a wide-toothed comb while conditioning in the shower. This will help create glossy curls before you even begin styling.

Be Gentle

Skip the tight ponytails and abrasive towel-drying process. If tying your hair up is a necessity, opt for a gentle holder like a ribbon hair tie or a hair ring. We love the hair ring because it allows you to tie up your curls for as long as necessary without a resulting hair kink. While we're at it, it's also worth mentioning that towel drying might be doing more damage than good. The fibers found in most body towels are a bit too harsh on strands, which can oftentimes result in breakage and frizz. Use a super gentle towel designed specifically for curly hair instead.

Volumizing Product

Thinning hair is almost inevitable. Even if you're not seeing the signs of thinning hair yet, using a volumizing product will help you make the most of your curls. It will lift and thicken strands to give your style a fuller look, subsequently taking years off your ‘do.

Invest in a Good Strengthening + Moisturizing + Anti-Aging Product

It's likely that your hair is a bit more prone to breaking than it was maybe even 10 years ago. To combat split ends and weak strands use a strengthening product that will help your spirals put on some muscle. We love Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. Use it weekly to restore hydration, strengthen, and prevent future damage. While it works for a variety of hair types and textures, we love how it transforms damaged curls—and you will too.

Eliminate Any Extra Processes

If possible, treat your hair with kid gloves when it comes to color-treating and using heat tools. Bleaching hair and using flat irons and curling irons will promote hair breakage. For healthier mature strands keep things a bit more on the natural side and you'll be rewarded with shinier, stronger hair.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

You've been hearing "you are what you eat" for ages, but it's time to really pay attention. Maintaining a balanced diet can help strengthen aging hair, which for you can mean fuller, more lustrous curls. Who knew?