Hands off the curls, girls.
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Hands off the curls, girls.
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There's an art to styling curly hair. Wavy haired women are all too familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect technique, testing different shampoos, hot tools, and haircuts to get cover girl-worthy curls. Once the perfect cocktail of product and drying method to achieve the desired look—from bouncy spirals to frizz-free waves—has been discovered, it will become a religious routine for everyday styling.

There's one piece of advice that every curly haired girl must remember: Keep your hands off of your locks after styling. Friction is a curl killer, so do your best to avoid touching them at all costs. Contact with anything (hands, hairbrushes, scarves, etc.) can risk ruining springy spirals. Resist the urge to run your fingers through your hair—this will not only uncoil curls but also increase frizz and greasiness. You may spend a little bit more time styling your hair in the morning, but once you're done, you can leave curls alone for the rest of the day without having to worry about redoing your look later.

To fight against frizz and maintain lush locks, try beauty tricks like sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Cotton absorbs hair's moisture and oils, leaving it dry and frizzy by morning. The silk material reduces friction, keeping curls frizz free and more intact when your alarm goes off. When drying your hair, ditch the towel and use a soft T-shirt or micro-fiber towel instead. This cuts down on friction and frizz as well.

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If you're looking for a new way to style your curls, try the rake-and-shake method. It's a stylist-approved technique that works to enhance your hair's natural curls.

For curly haired girls on the go, try these tips for air-drying your locks. The hands-off rule applies to this method as well. Apply the product of your choice, and then let your curls do the work.