Curly Haircut
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Curly girls have a whole different set of obstacles when it comes to finding the perfect cut. One wrong snip and bouncy curls can turn lackluster, loose their spiral, or—perhaps, most dreaded of all—morph into an unsightly pyramid. Finding a stylist who specializes in curls is paramount if you want to walk out of the salon with just the cut you were intending.

A curl specialist might charge a bit more than you're used to, but the results will be well worth it. Here are a few reasons why finding a curly hair specialist is key to unleashing the curls of your dreams.

They Know Curls

This is perhaps the most important reason why you need a curl specialist. They know curls and understand that no two curls are exactly alike. Curls are like fingerprints—they might appear similar but, if you look closely, each woman's curls have their own identity. Understanding the differences between curl types will help your stylist create a cut that works for you.

They've Been Schooled In Cutting Curls

Finding a curl specialist will also ensure your stylist knows the proper cutting technique. If she's coming at your dry spirals brush in-hand, you have to know it isn't going to end well. Rule number one of curl care is to never take a brush to curls that aren't wet. Some curl experts even warn against brush detangling at any time—regardless of whether or not they're properly soaked.

They'll Have Products Designed for Curls

Women with curls often walk out of the salon with a head of straight hair. Maybe we want a few days with hair that glides through our fingertips, or, maybe we've learned the hard way it's better to have a stylist smooth out our tresses rather than letting her scrunch with abandon. A curl specialist will have all the tools and products to help you realize your full curl potential. Chances are, you'll even leave the salon with at least one new favorite product to add to your lineup.

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To find a curl specialist near you, we recommend searching through a hair line that specializes in curls. DevaCurl and Ouidad are great places to start. Both brands have tools on their websites where customers can search for curl specialists in their area. You can also do a broad search by typing "curly hair stylist [city state]" into your preferred browser. You should be pleasantly surprised with plenty of options nearby.