Your Kitchen Strainer Is About To Become Your New Favorite Curly Hair Tool

And we thought we'd seen everything.

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We're always here for the latest curly hair hack and this one comes to us straight from the kitchen. We recently stumbled on this new trick for blow drying curly hair that employs a wire-mesh strainer for producing your fullest head of curls yet.

Curly girls know this to be true: A surefire way to create a massive hair mess in a matter of minutes is with a blow dryer. That's where the diffuser comes in. It disperses heat and softens the blow, literally, meaning you can dry your tresses without blasting away the delicate form of your curls. In a pinch, a wire-mesh strainer can work the same way but, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, start with your typical product routine. Be sure to add a heat protectant to the mix if you're a tried-and-true air-dryer. As always, try to limit the amount of tousling you do with your fingertips. Part of the appeal of a diffuser, or strainer in this case, aside from the purposes mentioned above, is it eliminates the need for touching curls directly, thus reducing the likelihood of frizz. When you're ready to start styling, begin by cupping a section of hair within the strainer. Place blow dryer at the bottom of the strainer and blow-dry on low heat. Take hair, section by section, until it's completely dry. Pay particular attention to the roots, giving them a slight lift with the strainer as you dry. If you're tempted to crank the power up to high, we recommend resisting the urge. The low heat setting will help your hair dry softly without blasting away curls and potentially creating frizz and tangles.

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Now, before asking why not just use a diffuser, we'll say, of course a diffuser will do—but, where's the fun in that?

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