The Secret to Air Drying Curly Hair

Can't touch this.

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Hey, hands off! You might think air drying curly hair is a no-brainer, but there is one pitfall that should be avoided at all costs, but it's hard to do. We're talking about keeping your hands off your drying spirals.

You know that feeling when you're getting a manicure and suddenly have the most aggressive itch that must be scratched on the tip of your nose? Trying not to touch your hair while it air dries is a similar phenomenon that's enough to set one's eye-a-twitch. It might be torturous, but it's important to remember that this vital practice can be the difference between a good hair day and one that results in tossing your curls into a bun at the nape of your neck. Not only does touching your hair make it dirty quicker—which is no good for curls that shouldn't be over washed—but it also can make it frizz like crazy.

You might remember the days when scrunching hair was all the rage. Even with a pound of product in our hair it somehow still managed to be frizzy. Now, we're not recommending skipping the product; use the rake-and-shake method or whatever technique you prefer for your unique curl type but, once you've tousled and set, don't touch. When your hair is dry, you can add your finishing product, lift the roots, etc.

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The hands-off rule applies to towel drying also. You'll want to keep abrasive towels away from your fragile curls. There are specific towels designed for curly hair (like this one) that will help take some of the moisture out of your strands while actually fighting frizz. Keep these hands-off tips in mind next time you air dry and we guarantee you'll see less frizz and more of your natural texture.

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