17 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

With a Veil
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If you have naturally curly hair, there's no need to take a straightener to your beautiful curls on your wedding day. These curly wedding hairstyles are pretty, easy, and showcase the beauty of natural curls. Fun accessories like flowers or a veil will add a touch of personality, or you can let the curls shine on their own with an elegant updo or half-up style. You'll be able to embrace the Southern humidity and face the weather of the day without fearing that your straightened or curled hair will frizz and fall before it's time to swap that gown for a getaway dress.

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Textured Updo

Textured Updo

Natural curls add texture to an elegant updo. Sections of hair are twisted and then arranged into a composed bun. If your wedding is in the summer, keep Southern-humidity causing frizz in check by exploring these anti-frizz shampoos.

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Pinning hair half-up will draw attention to natural curls in the back. Loose curls frame the bride's face. This hairstyle is a fuss-free way for brides with a lot of hair to keep it off their face and still look elegant.

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Sleek Ponytail

Studio 54 Ponytail

This sleek, low ponytail highlights the bride's beauty yet celebrates her curls. Use a pomade in the front for to keep hair smooth and frizz free, while applying a de-frizzing curl creme that defines curls in the back. A middle part, slicked-back into a big, long curly ponytail is pure, sophisticated glamour.

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French Twist

French Twist

Twist hair into an elegant updo and let a few curls fall. A French twist hairstyle folds hair on one side (right or left) into a twist in the back of the head, sometimes with additional twisted sections pinned to the twist.

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Natural With a Veil

With a Veil

Use products to define natural curls and let them fall naturally. Finish off the perfect wedding day look with a veil.

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Fun Florals

Fun Florals

Weave flowers through hair for a chic, bohemian touch. Sections on the sides are twisted back and adorned with flowers in the back, while pieces fall around the bride's face. These healthy-looking curls are defined without looking weighed down by product.

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Loose Updo

Loose Updo

Loosely pin curls into an updo and let them fall naturally. Embellished pins add beauty and elegance for the occasion. Ask your stylist for ways to keep your curls healthy and hydrated before your wedding day, from an at-home, weekly deep-conditioning mask to getting the ends trimmed.

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Add a Headband


Wear hair natural and add a headband to keep hair back. Choose one with a touch of sparkle for a little something special.

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Half-Back With a Braid

Half-Back with a Braid

A small, pinned-back braid keeps hair out of the face while still showcasing the natural curls. This braided bridal hairstyle will pair beautifully with a bohemian, garden, romantic, or rustic wedding theme.

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Pretty Hair Clip

Hair Clip

For a beach wedding, this beautiful, loose bun couldn't be easier to style. Pin hair back and add a hair clip that matches the wedding theme for an extra touch of sparkle.

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Low Side Bun

Side Bun

Spin curls into a low side bun for an easy and elegant updo. A hairstyle with understated elegance is always a classic approach when the bride and her beautiful dress are the focus for her big day.

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All Natural

All Natural

Instead of fighting humidity and frizz, let your curls fall naturally on your wedding day. You won't have to worry about a falling updo or losing a bobby pin on the dance floor. For defined curls, try a gel tasked for the job, like this DevaCurl Ultra Defining Curl Gel.

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Curly Twist

Curly Twist

If you have long curly hair, this style is for you. Create three or four small ponytails and then flip and pull through to create small twists for an elegant updo.

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Half-Down With Crystal Barrette

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Curls are pulled off the face half-down with a stunning bridal hair accessory to highlight the back of this hairstyle. Beautiful curls abound but are kept in check by pulling them off the face.

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Flowing Boho Curls

Long Boho Curls
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Long, flowing boho curls create a quintessential romantic wedding look. Pinned loosely off to one side ensures the bride isn't hiding in too much hair around the face.

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Loose Waves With Sparkly Pins

Pretty Pins

Let the stars align on your wedding day with this dreamy hairstyle. Accent big waves with pretty, sparkly pins. One larger pin surrounded by smaller pins creates a work-of-art hairstyle fit for a bride.

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Low Bun With Crystal Barrette

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Curls are loosely arranged in a low bun and held together with a beautiful, crystal hair barrette. Little tendrils are pulled out around the face. This bridal look is all about laid back romance.

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