This Southern actress has set #hairgoals high.
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Connie Britton
Credit: Noam Galai/WireImag/Getty Images

It's an understatement to say we're big fans of Connie Britton. She's responsible for bringing two of the best fictional Southern women to life on TV, is incredibly devoted to her anti-poverty work with the United Nations, and, not to mention, looks amazing while doing literally anything. And you don't watch Connie on TV for more than a few minutes without marveling at her stunning hair. Her long, thick strawberry-blond hair is the stuff of Hollywood and Nashville legends—there's even a Twitter account and a hashtag (#conniebrittonshair) devoted to her envious locks.

Naturally, any woman with hair of her own would be curious to know just what exactly is Connie's secret. We did some digging to see what secrets from her hair-care routine she's spilled over the years, and believe it or not, Connie is surprised by all the attention her hair gets. Which can only be true when you actually aren't trying that hard. This seems to be true, considering she told Good Housekeeping she "actually neglects it." Connie was undoubtedly blessed by the hair gods: She's said she doesn't wear extensions, and her product routine is fairly simple.

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Since she knows her hair is on the dry side and doesn't get greasy very easily, Connie only washes her hair twice a week or so. When she does, she's a fan of shampoos and conditioners from Kerastase and Wen. She swears by this leave-in conditioner from Privé, which she uses after washing her hair to keep it hydrated. The one thing about her hair that isn't all-natural is that gorgeous color. Connie says her hair is naturally a "mousey brown," and that she's been wearing some version of her current red for a long time. It certainly is a great match for her skin tone.

If you're hopeful that any of Connie's hair secrets could maybe work magic on your own locks, take heart. Long before she was Tami Taylor or Rayna Jaymes, Connie Britton didn't have her signature long auburn waves. In this photo from college, Connie has a classic ‘80s close-crop haircut that is adorably sweet on the college co-ed but far from the glamorous waves she's now known for. Sometimes it just takes some time to figure out what works for you.