This leave-in mist does it all for low-maintenance locks.

By Southern Living Editor
July 12, 2018
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Credit: Dave and Les Jacobs / Getty Images

Some people cope with summer by shaving the underside of their head while others shellac their hair in a layer of industrial-strength hairspray.

For those who occupy a world in between those two extremes, this time of year can leave your hair in a state of frizzy confusion if left to its own devices. And much like the idea of turning on your oven, firing up your blow dryer this time of year can feel like stepping into a desert storm.

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This is precisely why Christophe Robin's new Hydrating Leave-In Mist is like the no-bake sheet-pan supper of hair products. With Aloe Vera as the primary ingredient, it creates a cooling, soothing effect on your scalp the same way aloe gel does on a sunburn. But the magic is in how it not only smoothes hair but imparts the kind of softness you thought had been lost to the sands of time.

Credit: Bloomingdales

For air-dry agnostics, this spray might make you a believer as it imparts a healthy dose of hydration along with believable body, which is hard to achieve especially if you have fine hair that is weighed down with heavier formulas. While it's not meant to lock-in a particular style, it does help your hair fall easily into tamed and gentle version of its natural state.

Think of it as a mediator between your strands and the humidity that lurks outside your door. It will bring peace between y'all.